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Welcome To Government Ayurved College & Hospital Osmanabad.
Dean, Govt Ayurvedic College & Hospital, Osmanabad
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                     Our institute promotes participative management in the way that we constitute for various purpose as hospital administration ,PG studies, Intern & UG exam teachers management etc In such committees we incorporate participation of all cadres from junior to seniors. We take opinion of student UG & PG for constitute working model for both hospital and college. We have library dissertation presentation in which every PG present his library dissertation infront of all teachers and student . It is an interactive session where other PG opine about the various issue hold in the presentation. Our seniors teachers give expert comment to entrance skill of the PG student. We participate in every activities in the district like poster presentation, seminar, camp, krishi presentation, adolescence counselling, population, control program, organ donation campaigning, in culture activities are involve everyone to participate in all events whether this sports, culture, activities, skill development, programme like Ayurvedic stall, medicine preparation sell.We involve various local dignitaries in the various cultural, sports medical camps, social services campaigning, we get spoken from every corner of society in the district who was expensive in the field to get our teachers & students enlightened about the various social issues. We have rendering services to the two village Ruibhar & Vadgaon regularly. We have visits once in the week to both village. Where we have our satellite clinics. We success in district level competition of social participation. We got awards in many social activities. We are the honorable members to district health care management committee where we have our participative role. Our respected Dean have a district vision about promotions participative management as a result every member of our college from class IV th to class I, UG student to PG student. Everybody participates healthy in every event.
                     The CCIM visits and MUHS visitation our every member cooperated for the success of visitation. They work whole heartedly irrespective of post or cadre. We enforce the feeling to the togetherness unity, so that everyone cooperate other for any issue like financial management, in this way we have various activities going on to enhance culture to participative management which will lead to the work of the institute to a level where every student will be skilled enough to face challenged in their future of teachers & staff will have very good working environment.
                     Our college has unique strategy development & deployment plan so that our students will have leadership quality inculcated during their academic activity itself. we deploy them in various camps ,seminars ,social activities ,cultural programs ,sports activity etc. we give them choice to select their group members for the activity & ask them there planning for the project they have allotted .This measure boost quality of leadership in students ,they learn to handle situation ,group management etc. our departmental seminars is one of the activity where we ask them to create group & choose their leader who decides how should be the seminar should be conducted ,conveys problems to the teachers & mentors.our cultural program has one activity in which we have our moto to enhance soft skills in students where we ask them to prepare ayurvedic medicinal compounds and provide stall for them to sell there product.every group has one leader who take care of the activity so it should go in a right direction ,finished product should be of good quality as good as market product.this leads to improve their skills as well as leadership qualities. Library dissertation activity improves students analytical skills to learn and interpret the subject allotted & even develop employable skill which help him to get jobs ,develop survival skills in such neck throttling competition.our strategy has got our most of the students jobs,they have started doing practice many got admission to higher education our convertion of ug to pg is 44%.that is comparable to many leading institutes.our dean`s strategy is to train our students in every skill which ayurvedic graduate should have to practice ayurveda.our college our hospital serves the society in a very professional manner with very delicacy in handling patients ,parents of students ,visitors etc.we have a strategy to prepare ourself to the newer challenges we are likely to face in future so that our teachers ,our students will be ready to face those challenges.
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